Pompidou Group: an international annual conference on the trends of the illicit trafficking of drug precursors and (pre-)precursors


2021 10 12


Lithuania is a member of the Pompidou Group of the Council of Europe. Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol Control Department is a national Permanent Correspondent and actively participates in the activities of this group.

On October 12-13 14th International Conference of the Precursor Control Network is being held in Strasbourg. Two representatives of the Department – Renaldas Čiužas, Director of the Department, and Rima Mačiūnienė, Head of the Drug Precursors Control and Risk Assessment Division, are attending this conference.

The overall aim of this meeting is to reduce illicit trafficking and to prevent the abuse of (pre-)precursors through information exchange on new trends, risk assessment, best practices, improved control, risk management, profiling, detection and investigative measures.

The conference will cover topics such as toxicological aspects of drug precursors, fights against environmental damage, new EU precursors legislation - impact on third countries, illicit production and trafficking in the EU, case studies - Methyl alpha-phenyl acetoacetate.