Council approved EU drugs action plan for 2021–2025


2021 07 15


The Council of the EU approved the EU Drugs Action Plan for 2021–2025 on 21 June. It establishes the actions needed to achieve the priorities of the EU Drugs Strategy 20212025, adopted in December 2020. The framework, aim and objectives of the Strategy serve as the basis for the Action Plan.

The Strategy aims to protect and improve the well-being of society and of the individual, to protect and promote public health, to offer a high level of security and well-being for the general public and to increase health literacy. With the current Strategy, the EU and its Member States reaffirm their commitment to a balanced, multidisciplinary, integrated and evidence-based approach to address the drug situation in Europe, with the preservation of human rights at its core. The Strategy takes into account the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic in the drugs area and takes a future-oriented approach, promoting research, innovation and foresight to respond more effectively to, and anticipate, forthcoming challenges.

“The drug phenomenon is multifaceted, affecting our societies in a wide range of areas, from health, family and social relationships to violence, corruption and money laundering. This phenomenon is widespread throughout the world and no single area or country is able to solve this problem on its own. The EU Drugs Strategy and its Action Plan add value to our national strategies, as well as give us tools to tackle the phenomenon in all its aspects both internationally and nationally.” – says dr. Renaldas Čiužas, Head of Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol Control Department.

The plan sets out a specific timetable for the agreed actions, a list of responsible parties and a series of indicators to measure effectiveness. The Action Plan was prepared by national and EU representatives on the Council’s Horizontal Working Party on Drugs (HDG) under the Portuguese Presidency of the EU.

EU Drugs Strategy 20212025 

EU Drugs Action Plan for 2021–2025